Who Is This For and What Are We All Blogging About Anyway?

I am new to blogging but not exactly new to writing.  Years ago, I was a contributing columnist for a multi-town newspaper.  I am frequently asked if I have ever written a book or told that I should write a book.  The answer is no, I have not written a book, but I do think about writing one from time to time.  Perhaps I will begin that adventure in my near future.  Meanwhile, I’ll blog.

howtowriteadiarySo, since I am new to blogging, I have started reading other blogger’s posts to gain insight as to ‘how’ to blog.  I notice that many bloggers write about things that are happening in their daily lives, but I am not sure I understand who they are targeting as their audience.  Their writing often sounds like a journal or diary entry to me, which might be good for venting or healing their inner self, but is something I highly doubt I’ll ever read again.

Which got me thinking …. to whom am I writing?  Who is my audience?  More importantly, what’s the purpose or the main focus of my blog?

I have a private practice where I teach people how to feel better about themselves or teach them how to change behaviors within themselves to create more of what they want and less of what they don’t.  I love helping people to reach higher, feel better and I love having a place to have others gather together to learn and grow.   I do enjoy what I do, and through this blog I want to continue to help others.  I love the idea of a writing forum like this to start conversations with my friends (old and new) and my family to help us all grow.  I love the friends I have made (and will make) along this journey and I love to laugh with them.

Laughing out loud is the best feeling in the world … maybe getting a group of us laughing together is the answer to world peace! (Hey, it’s my blog, I can write what I want!)  Maybe together we will all leave this world just a little bit happier.

13450141_1752671554955741_4652985422716698296_nAt the very least, these blogs are for my daughter.  I want her to have the best life possible, and to learn from my mistakes, my silliness, and from my inner wisdom.  I want her to know that I always see her highest potential, even when she herself can no longer see it.  Especially when she is in darkness, I become her light.  I am the guidance like a lighthouse to the approaching ships.

Through these writings, I can become yours too.

I encourage all of you to please enjoy my blog and give me a thumbs up if you like what you read.  Pass my blog around and invite others to join in on the conversation (the more the merrier!).