You Are A Brilliant Reflection of Light

“There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe.  The horizontal threads are in space.  The vertical threads are in time.  At every crossing of the threads, there is an individual.  And every individual is a crystal bead.  And every crystal bead reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net, but also every other reflection throughout the entire universe. ”          -The Rig Veda-

Although this ancient text was written over 3,000 years ago the spiritual truth remains eternal.  My eyes glistened as I slowed down to reread the message again, and my mind found beauty within the written words of the ancient ones.  I felt the message absorb into my senses with a deeper understanding of who I am, and how connected we truly are to one another.  My light reflects to every being and their light is reflected within me.  I found myself thinking I too am eternal, and I am the combined total of all light.  I am the light of all that is good and for all that is blended.  I am everything and I alone am enough.  I am the extension of the source and I am as brilliant and wonderful as I decide to be.  We are, you and I, a wonderful blend of reflected colors and light, thread upon thread, and woven together through this masterpiece called life.

I try to keep this in mind with everyone I encounter, and every situation I face.  And now, I am finding peace as I let go of judgment and allow more love in my heart.  This is what I hear in the silence, remembering once again that together we are a cascading reflection, and we are enough.


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