Ella’s Special Day

The other day I had the opportunity to meet one of the nicest and bravest little girls you could ever know.  This is the story of Ella, who is now officially my youngest client ever.  Ella is eight years old, and is bright and cute as a shiny new button!  “Ella” means ‘All’ in German and her middle name “Carys” is Welsh and means “Love” … don’t you just love that?!

Ella-225x300 Angie, Ella’s mom, has been out to my wellness center on several occasions for sessions on the John of God Crystal Healing Bed.  She has really enjoyed her experiences and, over the course of just a few sessions, Angie has been feeling better overall and happier since coming out to see me.  After her last healing session, Angie asked me if she could bring her daughter Ella here for an appointment.  Angie told me that Ella has a rash on her body that had been there for several months, and no matter what she did or what she used, this stubborn rash wouldn’t clear up.  She had taken Ella to a doctor and still this rash lingered on for several months.

After thinking about it for a few moments, I said yes, though I was a bit concerned with her daughter’s young age, wondering if an active eight year old could lie still on a table for at least 30 minutes, not to mention being in a darkened room with things that sometimes do more than “bump” in the night!  I want Ella to experience the healing with the Entities but also not be too frightened either.  Angie assured me that even though she was eight, Ella had been exposed to meditation and guided imagery and, because of this, Angie felt that she could lie still and be okay.

Later that day, Angie told Ella that she had made the appointment for her and they talked about things that may happen while under the special crystal lights.  The next morning Angie called me to ask me it would be okay if Ella could bring her favorite stuffed bunny rabbits with her.  She described them as small and white and that Ella has had them since she was a baby.  “Yes, of course” I said, “Anything to help her to feel comfortable and safe.”

Upon the morning of her special day, Ella arrived and excitedly began to show me her two little stuffed bunnies, all the while seeking the visual approval from me.  Angie proceeded to tell me that the night before they practiced what it would be like to lie on the John of God bed.  They covered everything Angie could think of, including where she should place her hands, where her arms needed to be, and what would happen if she had an itch or sneeze.  (Side note – I thought was brilliant of this young mom!)  Angie felt compelled to ask me one more time if I felt okay for to have her stuffed animals with her.  I assured her that I was quite comfortable with this and that I was sure it would not hinder the process in any way.  Both Ella and Mom were apprehensive, but definitely excited, as we got started.  As soon as we entered the room, Ella stopped, then looked at me and said, ”Here, take them.  I don’t need them anymore”.  Surprised, I looked down at Ella and said, “Are you sure?  I mean, I don’t mind it at all if you want to hold them while you’re on the crystal bed?”  With firm conviction, Ella looked me straight in the eye and said “Yes, I am sure, I don’t need them anymore.  I know I will be fine!”  So, I took her cute protective companions and placed them on the chair next to the healing bed so they could keep watch over Ella.  (Heck, I thought that she was acting very brave.  I’ve seen adults be more afraid of “what could possibly happen” while they were left alone in the funny room of the pulsing lights.)  With all apprehension disappearing, and feeling the session about to begin, I got Ella comfortable on the crystal bed, cracked the door open and left the room.  About 30 minutes later I was greeted with a happy little girl who told me of the pokes and prods and tingling sensations that she felt all over her body.  But what made her feel really really good was, right before I walked back into the room, a lady (angel) cupped her face, held it for a moment, and then placed a kiss on her forehead.

Two days later, Angie called me to tell me that Ella’s rash had mostly vanished, with almost all of the red skin and bumps and scarring marks gone.  I told Angie that I was very proud of her daughter and thought that she was very brave for actually giving up her stuffed animals and for being alone in the room.  I said that some people are actually nervous about what they may experience while under the crystal lights.  Angie later told Ella that I thought she was a remarkable and very brave little girl.  She told Ella that I was going to share her story of bravery to others that come to my wellness center.

Well, according to Angie, Ella didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about. She put her hand on her hips and said “I don’t know why everyone’s making such a big deal about it!  I mean, I read the sign.”  Confused by this remark, Angie said, “What sign are you talking about?”  Ella annoyingly replied, “The one on the wall!”  She told her mother that after she read the sign, she knew that she was safe.  Ella said that she realized that no harm could come to her while she was in the safety zone.

Angie called me laughing, though puzzled, and asked me “What is my daughter talking about?  What sign?  I’ve been there numerous times and I don’t remember reading a sign before I entered the healing room!”  It took me a few minutes to think about all the things that hung in my office, but then it came to me.  I went over to the wall and snapped this picture.


This little sign was made for me to put in the meditation room where everyone gathers.  It is here so that everyone who enters knows they are in the “Spiritual Safety Zone” and reminds us all that we are safe and loved in this space.  All I can say is that I’m glad that Ella read this sign and explicitly understood its truest meaning.


Who Is This For and What Are We All Blogging About Anyway?

I am new to blogging but not exactly new to writing.  Years ago, I was a contributing columnist for a multi-town newspaper.  I am frequently asked if I have ever written a book or told that I should write a book.  The answer is no, I have not written a book, but I do think about writing one from time to time.  Perhaps I will begin that adventure in my near future.  Meanwhile, I’ll blog.

howtowriteadiarySo, since I am new to blogging, I have started reading other blogger’s posts to gain insight as to ‘how’ to blog.  I notice that many bloggers write about things that are happening in their daily lives, but I am not sure I understand who they are targeting as their audience.  Their writing often sounds like a journal or diary entry to me, which might be good for venting or healing their inner self, but is something I highly doubt I’ll ever read again.

Which got me thinking …. to whom am I writing?  Who is my audience?  More importantly, what’s the purpose or the main focus of my blog?

I have a private practice where I teach people how to feel better about themselves or teach them how to change behaviors within themselves to create more of what they want and less of what they don’t.  I love helping people to reach higher, feel better and I love having a place to have others gather together to learn and grow.   I do enjoy what I do, and through this blog I want to continue to help others.  I love the idea of a writing forum like this to start conversations with my friends (old and new) and my family to help us all grow.  I love the friends I have made (and will make) along this journey and I love to laugh with them.

Laughing out loud is the best feeling in the world … maybe getting a group of us laughing together is the answer to world peace! (Hey, it’s my blog, I can write what I want!)  Maybe together we will all leave this world just a little bit happier.

13450141_1752671554955741_4652985422716698296_nAt the very least, these blogs are for my daughter.  I want her to have the best life possible, and to learn from my mistakes, my silliness, and from my inner wisdom.  I want her to know that I always see her highest potential, even when she herself can no longer see it.  Especially when she is in darkness, I become her light.  I am the guidance like a lighthouse to the approaching ships.

Through these writings, I can become yours too.

I encourage all of you to please enjoy my blog and give me a thumbs up if you like what you read.  Pass my blog around and invite others to join in on the conversation (the more the merrier!).


I’m Not Bossy, I have Leadership Skills

Based on my birth date, according to astrology, I am a “Capricorn”.  Not that I am  all that big into astrology, but based on the astrology books and charts and ascending planets and energies, I am a Capricorn through and through.  While I am not one to believe everything about astrology “wisdom” … I do know myself.

If there were ever a cartoon or picture that captures my inner spirit, this one is it!  I truly giggle every time I see it.


Ok … I can be somewhat “bossy” … there, I’ve said it!  (Hey!  Watch it!  I know what some of you might say!)

Life just seems to flow better when things go “my” way.  Thankfully, I am married to a pretty laid back, easy going guy (probably why we get along so well).  While I may not use the word “bossy” to describe myself, I think I am an assertive person … a leader .. actually, very ‘on point’ for a true Capricorn.

Now, everyone repeat after me … “Diahanna is a leader” …“Diahanna is a leader” … “Diahanna is a leader”.

Not bossy at all, right?

Welcome to my page

Hello!  Thanks for taking a peek at my new page!

I want to create a blog through which I can share my knowledge of coaching both in the “get happier and healthier” fashion, and also in the “intuitive” sense with the sessions that I am also offering for my clients.  I am both a transformative coach and intuitive channel for Source or universal energies.

Now, before you call me a ‘crazy lady’ and go running for the hills, let me assure you that I look, sound and act quite “normal”.  I don’t dress in wispy flowing clothes, wear crystals from head to toe (well, maybe the occasional tasteful stone pendant) or smell of patchouli or rose oil.  And, I‘ve never worn a halo of flowers adorning the top of my head.  (Come to think of it, never a halo of any kind!)

So, now that “that’s” out of the way …

I want to write a blog to help people with my knowledge, to create an area in which others can write with questions or comments and have real conversations, all the while having fun!  I have a fun, quick witted personality, and a great sense of humor, so why not write for the enjoyment of writing?  Hence this idea was born.

A new seed of inspiration has been planted, and while I can talk about light, love and spiritual stuff, I want to use my “witty personality” (whoo whoo!) to express myself.  I want to be different (at least for me) in that I don’t want to worry about what others think or say.  One can’t be original or all that creative if you are constantly worried that someone else will object or judge. That just stifles the growth.  Hopefully, all of you will enjoy it here … if not, just move along if you don’t like what you’ve read!  I hope that many of you, over time, will add to this blog and create a fun and loving meeting place for all of us.

“Oh My! Lighten Up!” has been born!


Ps …. please like this post and share it with others who might also like this conversational space.

Lion-Youre welcome