Ever have one of these exposed days?

Ever have one of these days?


Usually I am (thankfully) pretty even tempered. I am not hormonal, as a rule, so I don’t fluctuate a whole lot. If anything, I may get hyper or excitable over something really good or something I enjoy a lot, like a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone or a cute picture of a Boston Terrier that someone posted on Facebook.  Or, maybe a texting marathon into the wee hours of the night with my daughter over the show details of The Bachelorette (she likes short shrimpy men).  Yeah, I’m really that easy!  But, I can honestly say that I don’t experience too many bad moody days.

Except for the other day, I am almost embarrassed to admit  ….. I snapped like a twig. I irritatingly rushed to answer my phone (during my lunch, mind you) while going through emails at my desk and simply trying to do too many tasks at once.  On the other end of my phone was this cool sounding seasoned telemarketer with an extremely heavy Indian accent.  She could have cared less that I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the company she was with, or that I couldn’t make out the purpose of the call.  Me, the hot-tempered raving lunatic was, let’s just say, less than ‘cool’ as my mind still tried to grasp the name of her company.  I felt my blood pressure rise as she continued on with her rehearsed script and me, the Pit Bull, was unwilling to be amused by her memorized lines.

I was like a CRAZY person …. a completely imbalanced bitch from hell …. as I caught myself yelling into the phone!  She was trying to sell me eyelash serum!  Eyelash serum!  I wasted 60 seconds (well, it felt a whole lot longer at the time) of my overworked, multitasked life for eyelash serum!

“Oh yeah, Diahanna, you’re really a pro” I thought, angry at myself for the unwarranted outburst and misdirected anger.

So, I decided to cool off, sit quietly in my room, and chill out.  I was like a lunatic, and this whole episode felt odd.  Before I left the office for home, I decided to deal with every thing that was truly bothering me.  My goal was to get rid of it, get it off my plate, and to never speak of it again.  Why?  Because if I told my husband or vented to a friend (or maybe two), I would relive this sense of aggravation each and every time I spoke of it.  Bringing it up over and over again, which may appear as harmless, takes things in the opposite direction of where I want to be and what I want to feel.

Message for the day:

Handle quickly and with as little effort as possible what ever it is that is keeping you from feeling good.  I did that, and never spoke of it again (example: the telemarketer).  I didn’t run home and tell my husband that I had a “bad” day, I simply kept my mouth shut and distracted myself with things to help me feel just a little bit better.  Sometimes, that is the quickest path to get back on the road to a happier life.  For instance, you could take a walk, play with your dog, throw a ball in the backyard, color or paint, or read a book, sing with the radio, or play the piano.  Just do anything to distract yourself from your “problem” and move yourself into a better feeling. Keep it up lithely little and you will begin to feel better and better.  Then, just get on with living happily.

Eye lash serum anyone?


A Little Bit of Wisdom From A Cookie

Who knew that there could actually be some wisdom found on a tiny piece of paper rolled into a “dessert” cookie?  I’m talking about those little crisp fortune cookies that are always on the tray with the bill that the waiter brings over to your table when you are finished eating Chinese food. (Which, incidentally, is crazy in that they do not actually originate from China but rather from a factory in the United States, based out of California. Who knew?)

The other day my husband read a message in one of our ‘fortune’ cookies and, as he passed the note over to me, said “Now that’s a blog post.” Sure enough, it certainly was.


The little message (complete with the winning lottery numbers on the back) said “You can’t steal second base with one foot on first”.

OMG!  How often in a week’s time might I repeat this message to one of my clients or friends!  I may not use those exact words, but the message is the same.

You can’t move forward in life if you’re looking behind you.

You can’t start a new chapter if you haven’t closed the last one.don't look back

Don’t look back  ……. you’re not going that way

You can’t find Mr. Right if you’re holding unto Mr. Wrong (term used loosely here to make a point).

Simply put, you must let go in order to move ahead.

The importance of this statement is so profound!  I could write about this subject for days and days (but then this post would be thousands of words instead of a couple of hundred and that’s not a post but rather a book!).

So, what is your first base?  What are you holding on to?  Is there anything that you need to let go of?  Are you willing to let it go today in order to move forward?

Take a minute to think about it.  Write about it in a journal.  Think about what’s at stake if you don’t make any changes.  Is keeping your foot on your first base necessary in your life now or is it time for a change?

Today’s your day to steal second ….

Stolen base
Run Baby, Run!!!

Get In The Car – I’m Driving

Pic for Blog - Boston
Let’s go out for cupcakes, maybe?

Or, how about a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone!?!

It doesn’t matter …  just as long as it is dessert, I’m in!

My new favorite find is the AppleBee’s Blondie with a scoop of ice cream drizzled with maple vanilla pecan delicious goodness.  It’s got the right amount of chocolate flavor without being too chocolatey (is there really such a thing?)


Anyway …. what the heck was I going to write about?

(Maybe I shouldn’t write my blogs when I’m hungry!)

Ah, never mind … just get in, I’ll drive!  Pic for Blog Cupcake

I’m Not Bossy, I have Leadership Skills

Based on my birth date, according to astrology, I am a “Capricorn”.  Not that I am  all that big into astrology, but based on the astrology books and charts and ascending planets and energies, I am a Capricorn through and through.  While I am not one to believe everything about astrology “wisdom” … I do know myself.

If there were ever a cartoon or picture that captures my inner spirit, this one is it!  I truly giggle every time I see it.


Ok … I can be somewhat “bossy” … there, I’ve said it!  (Hey!  Watch it!  I know what some of you might say!)

Life just seems to flow better when things go “my” way.  Thankfully, I am married to a pretty laid back, easy going guy (probably why we get along so well).  While I may not use the word “bossy” to describe myself, I think I am an assertive person … a leader .. actually, very ‘on point’ for a true Capricorn.

Now, everyone repeat after me … “Diahanna is a leader” …“Diahanna is a leader” … “Diahanna is a leader”.

Not bossy at all, right?

I’m So Motivated, I Think

Dear Journal,

Has this ever happened to you?

I have a new Boston Terrier dog that joined our family just a few short months ago. At first I noticed (worried) that she was way more “high energy” than our other dogs.  But, do you know what I love about her?  Her excitement!  She goes after a toy or ball with a great burst of energy and playfulness, but luckily for me, its over in a few short minutes!  Ha!  A burst of enthusiastic joy and then she’s done.  I love it!

That is what I notice about ‘some’ clients too. They have these great ideas, they leave here feeling inspired, and I love that.  Some even begin to take action right away.  But, I do have a few that eagerly write out their goals and priorities just like our feline friend in the cartoon below …


I know, I laughed too!

Don’t be like this client …. wake up and follow thru


I want … I think


I talk to myself often.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  The conversations I have in my mind are funny, bright, witty, and often surprising.  Well, some of them are anyway.

I, like you, have all kinds of thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis.  I have read that we have roughly 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day!  That’s a whole lot of thinking and feeling, which can be a really good thing if the thoughts are predominately positive in nature.  But, for many of us, more often than not they are not all that positive, loving or kind.

You have to remember … what we “think” turns into the chemical component of what we ultimately “feel”.  And, what we think and feel ultimately turns into what we manifest or experience.  So, in a nutshell, we think and feel, think and feel, think and feel, etc. (about 60-70 thousand times a day) either in the directions of happiness, wellness or certainty, or the opposite, towards sadness, uncertainty, poverty, or illness.

Since I am a transformational coach and intuitive channel, I really do hear a lot of interesting stuff, some of which is very serious and some of which is quite funny.  People tell me all about the things they want to achieve, but the conversations and thoughts they play over and over in their minds contradict the things they say out loud.  That’s down right scary!  It’s no wonder that so many people are truly unhappy.  Do you see the importance in understanding this concept?

You can’t possibly experience a new fun relationship if thousands of times each day you think you are ugly or unlovable, undesirable, or unworthy.  Nor can you have a great loving relationship with your partner if thousands of times each day you think he smells bad, drinks too much, or is an “asshole” whom you despise or resent.  You’ll never experience great wealth if, once again, you think over and over, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, …. , that you are worthless, undeserving, incompetent, and that good things never seem to happen to you.

You might think I’m just making these things up, but this is what I hear from clients day after day!

While some of you think that this isn’t the case for most people, trust me … it is. I challenge you to listen to your inner chatter, or the words you use to describe yourself.  Also, pay attention to the words, thoughts and feelings others use in conversation!

So, let’s begin to make just one small change today …… pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling. Are your thoughts creating the life that you truly wish to experience, or are they leading you away from it?  Just begin to notice that.  You might be amazed at all of the potentially harmful conversations that you hold in your mind. I know that I was.


Welcome to my page

Hello!  Thanks for taking a peek at my new page!

I want to create a blog through which I can share my knowledge of coaching both in the “get happier and healthier” fashion, and also in the “intuitive” sense with the sessions that I am also offering for my clients.  I am both a transformative coach and intuitive channel for Source or universal energies.

Now, before you call me a ‘crazy lady’ and go running for the hills, let me assure you that I look, sound and act quite “normal”.  I don’t dress in wispy flowing clothes, wear crystals from head to toe (well, maybe the occasional tasteful stone pendant) or smell of patchouli or rose oil.  And, I‘ve never worn a halo of flowers adorning the top of my head.  (Come to think of it, never a halo of any kind!)

So, now that “that’s” out of the way …

I want to write a blog to help people with my knowledge, to create an area in which others can write with questions or comments and have real conversations, all the while having fun!  I have a fun, quick witted personality, and a great sense of humor, so why not write for the enjoyment of writing?  Hence this idea was born.

A new seed of inspiration has been planted, and while I can talk about light, love and spiritual stuff, I want to use my “witty personality” (whoo whoo!) to express myself.  I want to be different (at least for me) in that I don’t want to worry about what others think or say.  One can’t be original or all that creative if you are constantly worried that someone else will object or judge. That just stifles the growth.  Hopefully, all of you will enjoy it here … if not, just move along if you don’t like what you’ve read!  I hope that many of you, over time, will add to this blog and create a fun and loving meeting place for all of us.

“Oh My! Lighten Up!” has been born!


Ps …. please like this post and share it with others who might also like this conversational space.

Lion-Youre welcome