I’m Not Bossy, I have Leadership Skills

Based on my birth date, according to astrology, I am a “Capricorn”.  Not that I am  all that big into astrology, but based on the astrology books and charts and ascending planets and energies, I am a Capricorn through and through.  While I am not one to believe everything about astrology “wisdom” … I do know myself.

If there were ever a cartoon or picture that captures my inner spirit, this one is it!  I truly giggle every time I see it.


Ok … I can be somewhat “bossy” … there, I’ve said it!  (Hey!  Watch it!  I know what some of you might say!)

Life just seems to flow better when things go “my” way.  Thankfully, I am married to a pretty laid back, easy going guy (probably why we get along so well).  While I may not use the word “bossy” to describe myself, I think I am an assertive person … a leader .. actually, very ‘on point’ for a true Capricorn.

Now, everyone repeat after me … “Diahanna is a leader” …“Diahanna is a leader” … “Diahanna is a leader”.

Not bossy at all, right?