I’m So Motivated, I Think

Dear Journal,

Has this ever happened to you?

I have a new Boston Terrier dog that joined our family just a few short months ago. At first I noticed (worried) that she was way more “high energy” than our other dogs.  But, do you know what I love about her?  Her excitement!  She goes after a toy or ball with a great burst of energy and playfulness, but luckily for me, its over in a few short minutes!  Ha!  A burst of enthusiastic joy and then she’s done.  I love it!

That is what I notice about ‘some’ clients too. They have these great ideas, they leave here feeling inspired, and I love that.  Some even begin to take action right away.  But, I do have a few that eagerly write out their goals and priorities just like our feline friend in the cartoon below …


I know, I laughed too!

Don’t be like this client …. wake up and follow thru



4 thoughts on “I’m So Motivated, I Think

    1. Hi Renee, thanks for your read and comment! In answering your question, by staying very clear on whatever it is you are working on. Yes writing your goals down is good but the follow-thru is reviewing it often. To keep the conscious & subconscious part of you alive in those goals (daily is good). This really helps you to align to them. Also by taking one small action step each day on the goal you’re most focused on. Those are some of the ways to keep the momentum going.


  1. But don’t you think that’s actually normal? I mean, think about it, ideas, work and everything else that comes along with it aren’t you supposed to lose hope at some point? What do you think people should do then?
    Like suppose you are trying to do good…somewhere along the line you feel like your efforts might just not be enough? That despite what you’re doing there is still so much grief in this world, so much pain, misery, that you’ll never be able to help every single soul? Pardon me for being so dramatic and weird.


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